A collection of dreams, meditations, music. Inspired by wonder and fear, light and sometimes very, very dark.

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Making stuff 

When I was 14 someone gave me a guitar and taught me three chords. I wrote a song. Now I'm sure it wasn't a very good song, or maybe it was. Maybe I was so swept up in creating I was oblivious to "rules and formats and conventions"  maybe I made something really special.  I don't like rhymes you can hear coming two lines away or chord changes that are obvious or even comfortable. As soon as something sounds even remotely commercial I have to change my approach, or start again.

Some of my heroes: Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Tom Waits are all artists who made music their way. There are many more but you get my point.

I want to listen to raw and honest even if it sometimes makes you think wait, what? Or especially then.

The kindness of friends 

I am extraordinarily lucky to have generous, talented family and friends in my life. Without them this music wouldn't exist. I would probably keep writing, as creating, is the only way I can make any sense of this world. But the songs that I am now able to share wouldn't be, without: Andrew Aldridge, James Applewhaite, Tim Tickner, Scott Apted.  There is also a list of family and friends who have always been in my corner and cheered me on unfailingly. You know who you are and I love you.

So if you ever have that little voice in your head, that horrible chorus of critics, telling you your ideas are crap or weird, or that  you are too old, too young, too anything, ignore it and reach out.  I know it is scary to leap. Do it anyway.

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