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  1. All These Things

Lyrics and music, Susan Applewhaite @socan2018
guitars, vocals Susan Applewhaite
guitars, Andrew Aldridge
bass, drums James Applewhaite
piano, vibes Tim Tickner
produced by James Applewhaite, Andrew Aldridge


Maybe it's the breeze,
Playing through the reeds,
Sighing like the air you leave,
When you are breathing, next to me.

Maybe it's the light,
Strobing off the waves.
Dancing just the way you move,
When you are grooving, next to me.

All these things,
Filling me up like lightning.
All these things,
Crumble and disappear,
And leave me waiting here,
With the stars,
That shimmy in the sky.
Trembling just like kisses do
When they are new,
And I was here with you